We offer custom made lithium battery service to our clients. We believe the future trends of battery for wearables is about customizing.

Custom Made Lithium Battery

Our mission is to make flexible lithium battery and enable wearable devices smart and comfortable to users. Wearable devices always have limited space for battery, but its demand on battery capacity is high. By offering customization, we can make best use of space and maximize battery capacity for wearable devices.

What we do

We fabricate custom made lithium battery at in-house pilot production line.

  • Low-cost, short lead time
  • Small volume for trial
  • Battery performance review

Find out more specifications of our flexible batteries. Learn more about our flexible battery technology behind on Media coverage “Lionrock delivers bendable, industrial grade battery”.

Meeting your unique requirements

Our customization service would find you an optimized power solution for your device.

Smart Watch Strap120 x 20 x 1.4 mm100 mAh
Head Phone120 x 38 x 1.5 mm250 mAh
VR Goggles120 x 38 x 1.5 mm x 2 cells500 mAh
Pet Collar120 x 30 x 1.8 mm200 mAh
Power Wallet160 x 80 x 1.5 mm x 2 cells1600 mAh
Smart In-sole60 x 40 x 1.3 mm100 mAh
Glowing Gown120 x 38 x 1.5 mm250 mAh

Custom Made Lithium Battery Scenarios

Fitting Trial

A smart ring manufacturer is starting a smart ring project looking for small battery to fit inside. It does not require bending, but it has to be curved to fit inside a ring. Given its trial stage, the manufacturer is not ready to mass order shaped custom made lithium battery.

Solution: Lionrock offers flexible customization to fit the ring.  Customer simply bends the flexible lithium battery to the right curvature and fits it inside the smart ring prototype.

Odd Shape Customizing

A university medical school is launching a wearable tracking device. The device requires an odd-shape battery where there is no supply in the market. They look for custom made lithium battery.

Solution: Lionrock customizes an odd-shape battery to fit the device. With the custom made lithium battery, the wearable project is smoothly launched.

Proof of Concept

A start-up company is launching a smart headband crowdfunding project, where complete device bendability is the unique selling point. They need flexible lithium battery for the prototype to show to the market, yet they are not sure any change in design during the course of the crowdfunding project.

Solution: Lionrock offers customization at small quantity for its prototype. When there is change in design, Lionrock adjusts the dimensions of the custom made lithium battery as needed.

Custom Made Lithium Battery Limitless Possibilities

There are limitless possibilities to wearables and IoT concepts with our flexible batteries.

Power source for

  • Smart wearables
  • Consumer IoTs such as belts, backpacks, boots, portable electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Interactive media, toys, games, VR/AR devices
  • Smart packaging
  • and much more

Looking For Custom Made Lithium Battery?

We keep exploring with clients their battery needs and customizing batteries for them. See interactive discussion with Lionrock at IDTechEx. Our low cost and fast custom-made service can help next generation wearable designs come true. Contact us below or email us.

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