IEC 62133 certified flexible battery

1st IEC 62133 certification of Lionrock flexible battery

Lionrock has got its 1st IEC 62133 certification on its flexible battery!
The certification test was done by SGS earlier this year. Although IEC 62133 does not have separated test set to check bending safety of batteries, we always encounter questions on our battery safety – even though our nanofiber structure battery has extra safety features compared to conventional lithium batteries.
The IEC 62133 certified flexible battery model is 85059 – one of our standard size models. It is about a size of a credit card, 1.4mm thick and with 190mAh. The model has gone through to a series of harsh safety test under the test standard, including forced internal short circuit, overcharging and crush test etc. The tests have proven the battery safety performance.

The certification test does not include any bending test on the battery. Nevertheless you may refer to our own safety test videos and see how our IEC 62133 certified flexible battery performs under bending and cutting test.

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