The improved LIB combined with our new nanomaterial results in a much more durable, safer, cost effective and better performance battery than conventional LIB.

Product Characteristics


The complete packaged battery is 1.35mm thick.

Bendable & Twistable

The battery has high flexibility. In our bending tests, it maintain stable performance after 1000 cycles of bending radius 20mm. (See Figure below)

Enhanced Energy Density

The battery support high current. It can support 1C charging and discharging.


The nanofiber maintains a stable and safe electrolyte medium. Even if the battery is cut or pierced, there is no overheating or explosion. It will maintain power supply for a short period of time.

Customizable Form Factor

Lionrock has the flexibility to tailor make the battery to fit different dimensionsoffers customized form factor to suit the need of wearable industry startup ecosystem.

Product Specifications

Cell TypesRechargeable Li-ion Battery (Pouch Cell Type)
Cell Dimension120(L) x 19(W) x 1.35(Thickness) mm
Rated CapacityCC_CV mode: 80mAh
Impedance0.26Ω (±0.1Ω)
Standard Charges0.25C (up to 4.2V)
Standard Discharges0.25C (down to 2.7V)
Max Charge1C
Max Discharge1C
Operating TemperatureCharging: 0-45°C
Discharging: -10-+60°C

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